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LOVE-NOS is a group blog which explores the nature and construction of disability and ableism and their intersection with and impact on people’s lives. Although the blog is currently written mainly by A/autistic individuals and therefore has a certain amount of inherent bias towards invisible, mental, and developmental disabilities, this focus is not intentional and will hopefully be rectified in the future.

Things we may post about include:

  1. Lived experiences of disability and being disabled in a non-disabled world.
  2. Disability rights, theory, and news relating to disability.
  3. The art and writing of other disabled people.
  4. Pop culture and media portrayals of disability which we do and do not like.
  5. Whether or not certain language or behavior or assumptions are ableist, and what that means for us.
  6. And anything else. This is by no means a definitive list.

For more information on what this blog is about and what the individual contributor’s priorities are, please see About Love-NOS.


LOVE-NOS, stands for love, not otherwise specified. That is exactly what we are about. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive, and positive community (LOVE) which centers the voices and experiences of diverse people with disabilities with no other specifications or strings attached (NOS). LOVE-NOS.


Yes PLEASE! So far we have only two authors, both of whom have autism spectrum and psychiatric disabilities, and, by virtue of being human, limited time, energy, knowledge, and interests. We desperately need guest posters and more contributes with different experiences, opinions, and areas of knowledge and expertise that will enable them to write posts that we may not be able to write, or even think of. For more information, see Contributing.


Please do! You can find our comment policy here. It is very important to us that this be a space where everyone feels comfortable commenting and responding and where lively discussions and debate are welcome. We don’t want to shut out people with cognitive or social-cognitive disabilities, and we welcome differing opinions and side-trails. Moderation is in effect so we can read and benefit from all comments and screen for spams and trolls.


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  1. Beth Charley / Apr 6 2011 11:39 pm

    loved the entry Ludi posted on to FB. I assume it was written by Cas? It made so much sense…but then I went onto the anatomy of an autistic…by Julia? And it blew me away…this is the perfect group for what I’m struggling with – whether I’m disabled or not…whether I’m autistic or not…and would be very helpful if I could use your blog post and possibly Julia’s for my own journey with clinicians and also pass them onto HARC (hertfordshire autism resource centre). Would that be ok? Would love to be involved too…hope you’re doing ok.

    I also do want to set up my own blog…but no idea how…

    • Julia / Apr 10 2011 2:37 am

      Hi Beth!

      I’m not sure who Cas is? The only writers here right now are Amanda and Julia (the writer of this bit), although we’re always looking for more!

      I’m glad the piece was helpful, and please do share it. It *is* copyrighted, though. If you want to share it with HARC you should just send them a link and have them contact me (julia at bascom dot mv dot com) if they want to do anything with it?

      WordPress is a very natural blogging platform that walks you right through everything. It’s my favorite option for beginners!

      Thanks so much for your feedback.

  2. Julia Sanders / Aug 26 2011 5:02 pm

    Julia! Your writing, which I just discovered today, is so important and beautiful. I would love to connect with you – through Facebook or email maybe? I’m a fellow writer/queer/disabled person with so many similar thoughts and wonderings and struggles. I would love to talk with you. What’s the best way to get in touch?

  3. Cecilie Lolk Hjort / Nov 11 2012 1:40 pm

    I write a blog about my autism, and generally my thoughts on autism, at schrodingersaspie at wordpress dot com. If you guys are still looking for contributors to this blog, check out mine and let me know if you think I qualify. Also, I have NO readers, so any attention for my blog is much appreciated if you think it’s worth it.

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